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Charlotte, NC

Miami, FL

San Diego, CA

Venice, CA

St. Thomas,

Virgin Islands

Nairobi, Kenya,

East Africa


San Pedro, Belize

Negril, Jamaica


Art From the Heart...

Yoga in San Diego, California

With my Teacher Jerome Gross

San Diego Art shows and Events

Queen Ifrica Lioness

Queen Ifrica Concert/Art show

Centro Cultural de la Raza

Ocean Beach Farmer's Market

Human Values Yoga Youth Camp

Reilly (SED) School Art and Yoga

California School Fitness Yoga

World Beat Center

World Beat Center

San Diego, CA

World Beat Center

Reilly School

San Diego, CA

Winter 09

Winter 09

Winter 08

Winter 08

Summer 04

Spring 04

Nature's EmOcean Art Studio

on Coki Beach, St. Thomas Virgin Islands

Wellness Fairs and Art Shows

Fashionista Fashion Show

Caribbean Colors Art Show

Beach Fyah

Noche De Las Gallarias

Nature's EmOcean Art Studio

TEMPO MTV  1st Anniversary Party

St. Thomas Carnival

St. John Carnival

Rastafarian Agriculture Fair

VI Council on the Arts Grants

St Thomas

St. Thomas

Yacht Haven Grande

Coki  Beach

Puerto Rico

Coki Beach

St. Croix, VI

Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands





Spring 07

Spr-Fall 06

summer 06

Spring 05- 07

Summer 05-07

Winter 05-07

Fall 05-06

Venice Beach Art Shows

Los Angeles, California

Venice Beach Art Displays

DM Yoga LA Grand Opening

Artist Appreciation Night

Venice, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Year 08

Fall 08

Winter 07

Art Shows in Kenya, East Africa

This article was in the Daily Metro in Nairobi Kenya, after the WAPI show, they put it in with my eyes closed in a two page full color spread and put words in the article that I did not say, but it was really cool to be in it!

click to see the work I did with Kenyan Youth

Art and Yoga for Creative Flow

RaMoMa Museum of Modern Art

Art 2 Be, Art Therapy

EmOcean Jewelry at Kiko Romeo

Kenyan News paper Article

WAPI, Words, Art Poetry, Inc

Obama T-Shirt sale for Inauguration

Waldorf School Fair

Jabali Kindergarten Fair


Nairobi, Kenya




British Council, Kenya


Waldorf School

Jabali Kindergarten

Summer 09

Spring 09

Spring 09

Spring 09

Spring 09

Spring 09

Winter 09

Summer 09

Spring 09

Europe Art Displays

EmOcean Art Display Lisbon, Portugal Fall 09

EmOcean Art Display Palma, Mallorca Island of Spain Fall 09

Miami Beach Art Displays

Belize Art Displays

Negril, Jamaica Yoga and Art Show

Poetry and Music Events

Bohemia Room

Rock Lounge Poetry

Slam Africa Poetry Night

WAPI, Words, Art Poetry, Inc 

Poets Passage

Lava House Records

Apollo Singing Competition

Rock Lounge Poetry

Open Mike, Poetry and Music

Miami Beach

St. Thomas, VI

Ethiopian Restaurant

British Council, Kenya

Old San Juan, PR

St.Thomas, VI


St. Thomas, VI

San Diego, CA

Winter 10

Summer 10

Spring 09

Spring 09

Summer 07

Summer 06

Summer 05

05 to 07

Winter 04


Miami Beach Bohemia room

Future Projects from the Heart of the Ocean...........

*Incorporating singing, poetry, visual arts

and my background of teaching children into

Writing and Illustrating my own series of Children's Books!

* Fashion Design/Stylist

*Opening a healing arts studio where my degree in Counseling and my yoga experience can be utilized as a healing tool for the subconscious

*Traveling throughout the Caribbean and the world

singing positive, inspirational music for children and adults